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The IB Cruise

For those who are coming to the trip that are under 18, please come to the cruise with this from filled.

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The fateful season has arrived upon us to band together as the celestial deities that we IB survivors are and collectively relieve our stress by taking it to the seas - enacting upon our our legitimate rights to let down our hair, pee in the wind, all the while sticking to our core principal of being responsible IBs having responsible fun.

Whereas the IB-cruise has traditionally taken us to the western plains of Stockholm (assuming you didn’t spend the entire day lying in your cabin), new regulations on groups with under 18-year-olds have made such an endeavour impossible. Instead, we will take on the unknown and set our courses to the ever beautiful Tallinn, known for its cosy Old Town and low tax-rates on certain consumables (go nuts). Additionally, this year you no longer need to experience the pleasures of attempting to rest from your crazy day raving in a tiny cabin with 4 other people when the ship swaying left and right with the waves. We will be accommodated in max 2-person hotel rooms on solid ground with actual showers and beds as well as complimentary breakfast that you know you’ll need after the fabulous night before…

We leave on the 13th October (around 10AM) and return on the 14th (around 18PM). This is during the Autumn break for most students, so missing school is not an issue and your coordinators won’t get angry 😊. Food (…and beverages)are significantly cheaper in Tallinn and the hotel is walking-distance from the port. Upon arrival, we will be registering at Hotel Metropol, after which, everyone is free to spend their time in Tallinn (24 hours) as they wish.

However, you’re all invited to join a little game with big prizes to be played throughout the night in Tallinn, including treasure hunting and tasks to perform that will accumulate points for your group.

The price depends on your age and whether you’d rather be accommodated in a 1 or 2-person hotel room:

1-person room (€)

2-person room (€)

Over 18



Under 18